Sowing the seeds for the future of Moore County

Moore County Health Foundation Mission


To promote Moore County Hospital District by improving community health care through fundraising, education, and support.




Moore County Health Foundation Vision


Growing resources for superior community healthcare and wellness




Moore County Health Foundation Values


Compassion - embody and demonstrate a caring spirit

Commitment - dedicate to the mission and the community

Innovative - value unique and dynamic solutions

Flexible - be open to new ideas and change

Integrity - embody honest and ethical behavior

Respect - demonstrate value for human life and beliefs

Accountability - be responsible to donors and recipients




Moore County Health Foundation Board of Directors


Ms. Alexa Maples - President

Mr. Larry Appel - Vice-President

Ms Carol Ledbetter - Secretary

Mr. John Bailey - Treasurer

Mr. James Allen - Director

Ms. Patty Willis - Director

Ms. Cheryl Clark - Director

Mr. Tom Ferguson - Director

Mr. Milton Pax - Director

M. Shelby Taylor - Director

Ms. Renee Vincent - Director

Mr. Jeff Turner - Director


Ms. Kathie Fuston - Executive Director