Moore County Health Foundation

About Us

Our mission is to promote Moore County Hospital District by improving community health care through fundraising, education, and support.


Our vision is to grow resources for superior community healthcare and wellness.


Our values are:

Compassion - to embody and demonstrate a caring spirit

Commitment - to dedicate to the mission and the community

Innovative - to value unique and dynamic solutions

Flexible - to be open to new ideas and change

Integrity - to embody honest and ethical behavior

Respect - to demonstrate value for human life and beliefs

Accountability - to be responsible to donors and recipients


The Foundation was incorporated on 09/25/96.


The Foundation's first project was to raise funds for a building to house the District ambulances in the late '90s / early '00s.


The project was successful, and the building that was erected still houses the District ambulances to date.  The building also houses EMS staff quarters and a classroom that District staff and community organizations use for education and training.


The Foundation received tax exempt 501(c)(3) status in 2007 and has been steadily growing through support of the Moore County Community.

Our History

 Ms. Patty Willis - President

Ms. Alexa Maples - Vice-President

Ms. Carol Ledbetter - Secretary

Ms. Katelyn Salcido - Treasurer

Mr. James Allen - Director

Ms. Cheryl Clark - Director

Mr. Tom Ferguson - Director

Mr. Milton Pax - Director

Mr. Shelby Taylor - Director

Ms. Renee Vincent - Director

Ms. Valerie Naugle - Director

Ms. Sandra Witt - Director

Mr. Jeff Turner - Director

Dr. Casey Lagan - Director

Ms. Kathie Fuston - Executive Director

Our Board & Staff



Since the Foundation's inception in 1997, we have provided multiple gifts, through fundraising, to the Moore County community.  Including:

Construction of

Ambulance Barn


A Digital Mammogram System



Music & Memories Program



Purchase of Multiple Ambulance



Low-Dose Radiation Upgrade for CT Scanner


Scholarships for Local RN Nursing Students


Funds for Dialysis

Patient Needs



Funds toward Nursing Home Renovation


Anesthesia Machines for Local Patients



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